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Cameron Whitley

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  • Year Started: 2009
  • Office: 6E Berkey Hall

Cameron T. Whitley is an Environmental Sociologist with a particular interest in issues of justice and equality. He completed graduate work at Michigan State University with specializations in Environmental Science and Policy (ESPP), Gender, Justice and Environmental Change (GJEC) and Animal Studies. Cameron is a mixed-methods scholar with extensive quantitative and qualitative training. He is currently engaged in research using a social-psychological approach to assess the formation of risk perceptions to new energy technologies, like hydraulic fracturing. In addition to being an Environmental Sociologist, Cameron has 15 years of experience working on gender and health issues. His first job after graduating college was as an HIV/AIDS outreach specialist and researcher in the United States Virgin Islands island of St. Croix. Prior to this work, he completed an undergraduate honor's thesis exploring identity and health service access among transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. Cameron has also served as a statistical consultant for the American Board of Emergency Medicine and he is currently an LGBT Health Fellow with the University of Pennsylvania. Combining his expertise in health and gender, he recently co-authored a paper with an interdisciplinary team exploring differences in laboratory chemistry ranges for transgender populations. It is the first paper to address discrepancies for how transgender people are considered for (or excluded from) organ transplant lists. Cameron has an array of publications including a 2013 International Book Award-winning book, several book chapters, and a collection of journal articles (published and forthcoming). For instance, Cameron's work has been published in American Emergency Medicine, Teaching Sociology, Sociological Perspectives, International Journal of Sociology, Qualitative Sociology Review and the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science (PNAS). A recent article Cameron is a co-author from 2015 was featured in the LA Times, New York Times, Washington Post, among other news outlets. During his graduate career Cameron has published ten (10) peer reviewed journal articles, ten (10) book chapters and one (1) book. He has several articles and book chapters currently under review or in the revise and resubmit stage.

Research Areas: Environment
Selected Publications:

Dietz, Thomas, Ken Frank, Cameron T. Whitley, Jennifer Kelly and Rachel Kelly. 2015. "Political Influences on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from U.S. States" Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112(27): 8254-8259.

Whitley, Cameron T. 2015. "Trans*-Subjectivity: Exploring Research Positionality in the Field" Qualitative Sociological Review 11(4):67-80.

Whitley, Cameron T. and Scot Yoder. 2015. "Developing Social Responsibility and Political Engagement: Assessing the Aggregate Impacts of University Civic Engagement on Associated Attitudes and Behaviors" Education, Citizenship and Social Justice 10(3):217-233.

Beeson, Michael S., Eric Holmboe, Robert C. Korte, Thomas J. Nasca, Timothy Brigham, Chad M. Russ, Cameron T. Whitley, Earl Reisdorff. "Initial Validity Analysis of the Emergency Medicine Milestones" Academic Emergency Medicine 22(7):838-844.

Whitley, Cameron T., Seven Bryant and Rachel Kelly. 2015. "Intentional Shared Suffering: A Comparative Analysis of Varied Pig Production Methods in a University Setting" Animalia October 25, 2015 comparative-analysis-of-varied-pig-production-methods-in-a-university-setting/

Marco, Catherine L., Robert Counselman, Robert Korte, Robert Chad, Cameron T. Whitley, Earl Reisdorff. 2014. "Emergency Physicians Maintain Performance on the American Board of Emergency Medicine Continuous Certification (ConCert) Examination" Academic Emergency Medicine 6(21):688-693.

Marco, Catherine L., Robert Counselman, Robert Korte, Robert. Purosky, Cameron T. Whitley, Earl Reisdorff. 2014, "Delaying Taking the American Board of Emergency Medicine Qualifying Exam is Associated with Poorer Performance" Academic Emergency Medicine 5(21):532-37

Whitley, Cameron T. and Linda Kalof. 2014. "Animal Imagery in the Discourse of Climate Change" International Journal of Sociology 44(1):10-33.

Whitley, Cameron T. 2013. "Trans-Kin Undoing and Redoing Gender: Negotiating Relational Identity Among Friends and Family of Transgender Persons." Sociological Perspectives 56(4):597-621.

Whitley, Cameron T. 2013. "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Applying Image-Based Learning to Online Course Design"  Teaching Sociology 41(2):188-98.

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Associated Programs: Animal Studies, Gender, Justice and Environmental Change, ESPP