Graduate Post-Admission FAQ

What is an MSU Net ID?

MSU NetIDs provide access to the official MSU e-mail system and many other online services. You will use your NetID and password to enroll in courses, check your MSU e-mail, log into library services, and log into ANGEL or D2L (the online classroom platforms), among other services.

How do I get an MSU Net ID?

You will need your PID and PAN numbers to activate your MSU Net ID. These will come from the Office of Admissions. Go to https://www.netid.msu.edu to activate your MSU NetID with the PID and PAN numbers provided. If you need assistance with setting up your account, please contact the help desk for assistance at 800-500-1554 (toll free) or 517-355-2345 (local).

How do I found out what courses are being offered?

To obtain the course schedule information go to the Schedule of Courses. Select the semester and subject. To filter for only 800-level courses, type 8** in the course number section, then click on Search for Courses.

How do I find textbook information?

To obtain textbook information go to Schedule of Courses. Select the semester, subject, and course number, and then click on Search for Courses. Once you have found the course, click on the section number (usually 001) to view the textbook information. Once you have the ISBNs, you can order your books at a number of different websites: Spartan Bookstore, Amazon

How do I contact the Registrar's Office?

Phone: 517-355-3300

Who do I contact with questions about enrollment assistance or questions about graduation?

Graduate Secretary Roseann Bills

Email: marshro3@msu.edu

Phone: 517-353-1796