Riva Denny


Riva Denny


I have interdisciplinary research interests, focusing on agriculture, food systems and environmental quality with my work sitting at the intersection of environmental, rural, and natural resource sociologies. I use both qualitative and quantitative methods at multiple scales, and specialize in using multilevel and structural equation models to model social-ecological systems. I work extensively with large secondary datasets, frequently drawing from multiple sources to create my own datasets. I also use in-depth interview data. My research falls into two broad areas: Agriculture and the Environment, and Food Systems, Food Security and Development. In the first area I use qualitative and quantitative methods to inform each other, as well as the use of multiple scales, to examine soil and water conservation efforts in the US. In the second area I focus on alternative food networks (AFNs) and regulations that shape food system options, especially at small scales, as well as cross-national comparisons of development and food security indicators.

Research Areas: Enviroment
Selected Publications:

Denny, Riva C. H., Michelle R. Worosz and Norbert L. W. Wilson. 2016. "The Importance of Governance Levels in Alternative Food Networks: The Case of Red Meat Inspection Rules." Rural Sociology. Online. DOI: 10.1111/ruso.12103

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Associated Programs: Environmental Science and Policy Program (ESPP); Ecological Food and Farming Systems (EFFS)