Meghan Charters


Meghan Charters

Research Areas: Environmental Sociology, Animal Studies, Human-Wildlife Conflict, Risk Theory, Risk Perception & Communication, Conservation, Sustainability, Climate Change and Social Media Studies
Selected Publications:

Whitley, C., Gunderson, R., and Charters, M. (forthcoming). Public Receptiveness to Policies Promoting Plant-Based Diets: Social Psychological and Structural Influences. Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning.

McCright, A. M., Charters, M., Dentzman, K. and Dietz, T. (2015). Examining the Effectiveness of Climate Change Frames in the Face of a Climate Change Denial Counter-Frame. Topics in Cognitive Science. doi: 10.1111/tops.12171

McCright, A. M., Dentzman, K., Charters, M., & Dietz, T. (2013). The Influence of Political Ideology On Trust in Science. Environmental Research Letters, 8(4), 044029

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