Jihan Mohammed


Jihan Mohammed


I am a PhD student in Sociology at Michigan State University. My research areas include race and ethnicity, identity, social psychology, and quantitative methods. I’m particularly interested in ethno-sectarian identities in Middle East and intergroup relations in conflicts areas. My current research focuses on Kurdish, Arab Sunni, and Arab Shia identities in Iraq and Lebanon. Prior to attending Michigan State University, I worked as an instructor at the University of Dohuk/Iraq for three years. I’m originally from Kurdistan region/Iraq and received my Bachelor of Arts in Letter and my Master in Education from the University of Foggia/Italy.

Research Areas: Race and Ethnicity, Social psychology, Political Sociology
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Selected Grants: 2012 Human Capacity Development Program Scholarship (HCDP), Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government
Curriculum Vitae: Download
Associated Programs: Muslim Studies Program-Michigan State University