Dean Rehberger


Dean Rehberger

  • Title: Interim Chair,Sociology ADA Liaison, College of Social Science
  • Email:    Phone: 517-353-4969
  • Office: 317B Berkey & 409 Natural Science

Dean Rehberger is the Director of MATRIX (; the Interim Chair of Sociology, ADA Liaison, College of Social Science; and also in the Department of History at MSU. Dean specializes in developing digital technologies for research and teaching. He has run numerous faculty technology and workshops and given presentations for educators and cultural heritage workers from local, national and international audiences. Dean oversees MATRIX project planning, research and development, and coordinating many of the grant-funded projects for the center. His primary areas of research include: high performance computing and big data; digital history, humanities, and social sciences; digital libraries, museums and archives; Internet technologies in the classroom; and hybrid learning environments. Dean teaches course for a variety of courses at MSU for History and Museum Studies. He also helps to design and develop a number of online courses for the Department of History.

Associated Programs: Matrix, African Studies, MSU Museum, MSU Archives,
Selected Publications:

Oral History in the Digital Age (, highly successful and much used Oral History in the Digital Age. For the project, we reviewed, edited, and published online 77 essays by the leading oral historians in the nation, as well as 12 videos, and we also published a special issue of the Oral History Review with 14 essays.

South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid Building Democracy ( This educational website provides primary source materials, newly-written narrative, and curriculum ideas for teaching high school and undergraduate students about the many generations who struggled to end apartheid and build democracy in South Africa.

American Black Journal (, originally titled Colored People's Time, went on the air in 1968 as a televised public forum for black citizens during a historic moment of racial turmoil across the nation. This website is part of a long term collaboration between Detroit Public Television and Michigan State University to preserve and present the crucial and historic materials of the American Black Journal television program.

American Voices ( is the recorded voices of prominent Americans from every area of culture: politics, science, business, and the arts - spanning the entire sound recording era. This site will be useful for bringing the immediacy of the spoken voice to any course on American culture and history.

Celebrity Lecture Series ( is an innovative site using XML technologies and features a lecture series that attracted students, faculty, and members of the community, and featured some of the most illustrious scholars, critics, novelists, poets, and creative artists of our time

Diversity and Tolerance ( in the Islam of West Africa will make accessible a wide array of currently unavailable materials from and about the countries of Senegal and Ghana, their Muslim communities, and the relations of those communities with the practitioners of other faiths.

Explore PA History ( redesigned online platform and tools for publishing stories, lesson plans and related materials on Pennsylvania, Past and Present.

The Flint Sit-Down Strike ( designed to provide an audio and historical introduction to the sit-down strike for those students or members of the general public who are unaware of the history of this momentous event in American history.

Resistance to Rights ( working with Michigan Historical Center and secondary teachers to develop innovative new materials for the classroom. This project seeks to link the resources of the Michigan Historical Center and American Black Journal television programming to illuminate the connections between the anti-slavery movement of the Underground Railroad and the continuing history of civil rights struggle in Michigan.

Studs Terkel: Conversations with America ( is dedicated to making the works of Studs Terkel accessible to diverse set of users: researchers, students, teachers, and the general public.

Community Video Education Trust (CVET) Archive ( a collaborative effort of the Community Video Education Trust and the South African Film and Video Project (SAFVP). This project aims to preserve important film and video from South Africa and make it available in the United States and to a worldwide audience.

Quilt Index ( Online project of MATRIX, MSU Museum, and The Alliance for American Quilts with major funding from two National Endowment for the Humanities Preservation and Access Program and two from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, National Leadership Grant program and Building Digital Resources, and additional funding from Salser Foundation, Kasnas City Quilt Guild, State of Tennessee Quilt Guild.