Aaron Ponce


Aaron Ponce

  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • Email: ponceaar@msu.edu    Phone: 517-353-3349
  • Office: 434C Berkey Hall

Degree: Indiana University


Aaron Ponce is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Michigan State University. His work addresses core questions at the intersection of political sociology and global social change, focusing on international migration and immigrant reception. Most recently, his work has examined migration to the Nordic universalist welfare states and the influence of changing demographics on social cohesion across Europe. More broadly, Dr. Ponce seeks to uncover the causes and consequences of historic and contemporary social change linked to globalization with an emphasis on the construction and contestation of socio-cultural diversity (ethnic, religious, sexual, linguistic). Dr. Ponce earned his PhD in Sociology at Indiana University. He also holds a JD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a MA in Linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin, and a BA in International Studies from the University of Miami. He has worked as a Research Associate at the Pew Research Center in Washington DC, served migrant workers in the Upper Midwest with Legal Action Wisconsin, taught English to students in Ibaraki, Japan with the JET Program, and interpreted and translated for overseas patients at the National Institutes of Health.