Jean Boucher


Jean Boucher

  • Title: Instructor
  • Email:    Phone: 517-353-1939
  • Office: 414A Berkey Hall

Degree: George Mason University


I am a former corporate Mechanical Engineer and Mexico/US Border Educator turned Environmental Sociologist. In my research, I focus on the United States as I explore peoples’ environmental and political attitudes and their association with consumption behaviors. I am interested in lifestyle lock-in and the income-carbon relationship—the way people generally consume to their income—and those who deviate from these tendencies. My analyses include those who are adopting greener technologies and behaviors: electric cars, solar energy, and home energy audits. Here, I am interested in the diffusion and social distribution of greener technologies, eco-cultural practices, and climate change belief. I also study climate change activists and the origins of their activism. Additionally, I have interests in inequalities, social class, social justice, and immigration in the United States.

Research Areas: Environmental Sociology, Social Inequality, Clean Technology/Sustainability, Bourdeusian Theory, Climate Change - Attitudes, Behavior, and Sustainable Consumption
Selected Publications:

Boucher, J. L. 2017. “The Logics of Frugality: Reproducing Tastes of Necessity among Affluent Climate Change Activists.” Energy Research & Social Science.

Boucher, J. L. 2016. “Culture, Carbon, and Climate Change: A Class Analysis of Climate Change Belief, Lifestyle Lock-in, and Personal Carbon Footprint.” Social Ecology: Journal for Environmental Thought and Sociological Research, 25(1–2):53–80.

Boucher, J. L. 2016. “The Ten Frugalities of Affluent Climate Activists.” The Sociologist, September/October 2016.

Boucher, J. L. 2011. “Greed: A Core Cause of Migration.” Radical Grace: Immigration. 24(4):6-7.

Boucher, J. L. 2010. “There Will Be Struggle: The Development and Operational Issues of Social Justice Programs at State Universities in the United States of America,” Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies, Vol. 8, No. 2, pp. 275-310.

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