September Colloquia: Sustaining Community Capacity under Crisis

Date & Time: Sep 22nd 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: 303 International Center

How can asset mapping help inform how neighborhoods develop community and economic capacity? A student-led, faculty guided project in my senior seminar in Fall of 2016 helped to launch a new and ongoing project, the "20 minute" neighborhood concept applied to the historic Civic Park neighborhood in Flint, Michigan. The project aims to identify components of a "20 minute" neighborhood where residents can walk or bike, within 20 minutes, to shop or engage in community activities. Another component of the research is to what degree civic capacity is available, as organized by the neighborhood association, institutions such as local churches and council representation.

Louise Jezierski is an Associate Professor of Social Relations and Policy at James Madison College, MSU. Her research includes revitalization of legacy cities, especially the cities of Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland, local and regional economic and community development, public private partnerships, local state theory and policy, race relations and social inequality.