Healing Empowerment Counseling Group

Date & Time: Apr 03rd 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Location: MSU Counseling Center - 556 East Circle Dr. Room 249

The purpose of this group is to assist minority students explore the hidden wounds that race–based trauma leaves behind. Often times while enduring racial trauma, feelings of anxiety, depression, hopelessness and despair arise. The focus will be to provide steps of empowerment for those who have experienced racial traumas, micro-aggressions, and overt racism by creating a space to re-channel rage and confusion. The group will provide opportunities for visiting speakers to offer additional insight and opportunities to move from pre-contemplation to the action stage of change. Furthermore, through mindfulness skills individuals will be able to gain control of emotions and further develop self -care practices. This group is open to students with minority status (e.g., race, ethnicity)

*** If you are interested in joining, group screenings and referrals are preferred and can be scheduled with the Counseling Center front desk by calling 517-355-8270 or by e-mailing Nedra Cannon, LMSW, ACSW